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Major apparel companies make samples and then dispose the excess leather during mass production. We collect and recycle it.

There is no problem with the quality of the leather itself, but it is discarded because these apparel companies need each piece to match systematically in color and texture.

uneven. perceives the uniqueness of natural leather as a positive, and recycles the otherwise “wasted” materials that would be disposed.​


About Our Leather


Painted with American leather paint.

To further enhance the individual differences of natural leather, all of the uneven. items are hand-painted.


The painter is influenced by pop culture and contemporary art that he encountered while visiting galleries in New York. He incorporates the theme of dynamism and boldness into uneven.'s products.


Because the leather is boldly painted before it is cut, we have developed a line-up applying different techniques such as rubbing and bleeding with the brush tip.

made in japan.

Leather accessories, bags, and others items are carefully made one by one at specialized factories in Japan.

We are pursuing better products by teaming up with each factory from the planning, development, and design stages.

​ Young creators apprentice under craftsmen who have more than 50 years of experience to combine traditional Japanese manufacturing with modern sensibility.

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