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In society things are constantly being born while many things are discarded at the same time.


Large companies require mass production of the same product with a certain quality.


As a result, the surplus items left over from sample creations and mass productions are not used and eventually become wasted materials.


uneven. is a sustainable brand that focuses on discarded leather.  


We deliberately use discarded leather, which was considered unsuitable for mass production, and painted it specifically for the leather to stand out.


By adding paint, the texture of the leather is reborn.

IMG_3614 2.JPG


Due to the specifications of the leather attained, we pursue simplicity.


We maximize the individuality of each piece by combining leather with paint.


The simple square form makes it easy to adapt with fashion.


We have incorporated designs that suit each lifestyle, and continue to innovate products that are can be integrated into daily life.

We are challenging the most difficult concept of creating a simple, yet refined design.​

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